I don't think there are words to express how fierce and beautiful I feel when I look at my photos! It has been life changing.

The session exceeded my expectations. The level of comfort and the vision of the shots were great and exciting. I didn't think I would be as comfortable. Some of my favorite shots were ones that I thought I wasn't going to like. I feel sexy and powerful and proud to show off my pictures.

I had a lot of fun doing my maternity shoot with Darina- she was great about working with my comfort level, and helping me into the most flattering poses, all while listening to my ideas about the feeling I wanted to convey with my images. I felt really beautiful and feminine and powerful- but she also let me be as goofy at I needed to be to get to that point! I was SO happy with the raw images I saw, and can't WAIT to see the finished results! Thank you, Darina- you're a true professional.

Do you feel unphotogenic and dread the idea of being in front of a camera? Me, too. Selfies are "not my jam." I don't know how to look normal, let alone pretty, in front of a camera. I'm a comedian and one year I had an idea for a funny holiday card but I wanted it to look polished and professional. I called Darina and she immediately got my vision and was on board and adding to my ideas. Friends still talk about the cards we did, and many have saved them. She made me feel comfortable and pretty, and the photos turned out much better than I hoped for. Darina makes you feel instantly at ease and is so skilled at what she does. Trust her to be your photographer and believe me, you will have photos that you will treasure forever - just like me.

"I've never loved having my picture taken, but Darina made the whole experience not just enjoyable and fun, but also EMPOWERING. I felt beautiful and not the least bit insecure with all the cameras pointed at me, thanks in large part to the positive vibe Darina cultivates. I highly recommend the experience! And yeah, the photos are outstanding, too."


"Darina is one of the most lovely and kind people you will ever meet. She will not only make you feel comfortable during your shoot, she will make you feel truly beautiful. Her artistic eye will highlight your best features. Her deep knowledge of her craft will allow her to arrange you in poses that are interesting but utilize the light in just the right way. Whether you need professional headshots, something a little more fun, family shots for holiday cards, or wedding portraits, she will surprise and delight you with her work and with her personality. 5 stars!"


"Darina does a great job of making you feel comfortable when getting photographed! It's always so awkward for us 'non-model' types to 'act natural but in a photogenic, perfectly posed kinda way!' ha ha I felt very calm and relaxed and the photos turned out beautifully! I would definitely recommend Darina Neyret for ANY of your photography needs! She's awesome!"


"Darina is a talented photographer! She really has an eye for imagery. My daughter and I spent a day with her and the experience was creative and fun! Darina makes you feel comfortable and beautiful!"


The reality was better than my expectations. I knew it would be a challenge to move into some poses but the results were stunning. I loved feeling spoiled and treated like a real model. I loved the reveal, seeing how good I really looked. I realized I can be photogenic, it's all about angels, light and other things I cannot put my finger on.


I felt awesome during my shoot. The whole experience and the results way exceeded my expectations! Darina makes it so easy and fun, even with my 3 year old. The first time I saw my photos, wow! Blown away. The photos are totally gorgeous. Having done the shoot and owning these photos makes me so proud of my family and lucky to have such an amazing life!


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