I was born with itchy feet, big dreams and I would love to photograph you.. 

I've lived all over the world; from Oakland to Serbia to Dublin to Brisbane and beyond. My background is in graphic design and I also owned an inn in the French Alps for 10 years. I am both an experienced professional and personable guide. My life experiences have enabled me to become quickly attuned to the many different types of people who come to me. 

I am a certified photographic artist and a realist. I'm an idealistic dreamer and a skilled technician. I'm also a chocolate snob and have probably seen more live music than most.

I've had cameras around me all my life. I cherish all my old family photos—whether pristinely stored or bent out of shape—I consider them heirlooms.

I look forward to meeting you and creating distinctive, memorable images that you and your loved ones can share for generations.

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