Winner of my giveaway shoot - She’s a photographer!

When anyone wants to experience a photoshoot with me, it’s an incredible honor, but when it’s a fellow photographer (with serious talent!) it’s a double honor. When it’s the winner of my one year businessversary in my Vancouver, WA studio, it was a total WOOOOOOT experience! 

Let me tell you how funny this is… Christina Samuelson Portraits won my giveaway, NEVER expecting that she would get picked. And get this, she lives in the Bay Area! So, I called her and asked if she ever comes up to the Portland area or if she wants to wait for the day I go down to Oakland, which I do at least once a year. She said, “Well…. I’m actually going to Bend, OR with my husband to pick up our new puppy in a few weeks”. I mean, what are the chances!? (And you should see this puppy, so cute).

Christina is Swedish, and she has a very understated, European sensibility and so I worked around her desire to be seen with casual and clean elegance. She brought a few dresses and casual outfits of her own. But also, I also recruited Esther Louise McFarland, another photographer friend, to help with styling and wardrobe, which was invaluable! As usual, my main girl Jessie Hafer did hair and makeup for her… it hardly looks like she is made up at all (as requested), but she is… in a very clean, fresh and natural way. I absolutely adored this shoot, and most of all, I love how much Christina loves her photos! 

Here are some highlights.

You can see her work or get in touch here:

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