If I had a dollar for every time…

I don’t really know how many people dream of getting portraits done of themselves. I know it’s a lot, and my brand of magazine quality photography for the everyday person is highly desirable and exceedingly enjoyable. It’s like having your very own photoshoot for Vanity Fair, or something comparable. 

But, if I had a dollar for every time a woman told me, “But, I’m not photogenic at all” I’d certainly be a millionaire! 

There is no such thing. 

Every woman, or man, can have beautiful photos of themselves. But it’s not up to you… that is my job. The photographer. A really good photographer can see you, really see you, ascertain face shape, what your “good side” is, body type, and through skilled direction, posing and knowledge of lighting and wardrobe, reveal to you, that no one is any more spectacular than you are. I direct you right down to you pinky finger… and you will love every minute of it. 

All of these people told me either that they were not photogenic or hated having their picture taken or look terrible in photos. 

A Video Testimonial

Is this really a blog entry if it’s only to introduce my very first, self-produced video? 

Well, I’m going with it. Be sure to turn on the sound.

Here it is, directed and edited by me… I even added music! I had a wonderful time photographing Elizabeth, and right after viewing some of her portraits, she left me this voice recording which I built this little film around. I just knew I had to use it in this manner and share this story. I was floored when I heard her beautiful words. I work to make everyone feel like this!

Thank you so much, Elizabeth. This means the world to me.

The Girl With No Wedding Photographer

So I’m at my local coffee shop having a consultation with this lovely girl. She’s never been professionally photographed and her name is Allee. By the way, if you’ve never had coffee at Paper Tiger in Vancouver, you’re really missing out. Anyway, we were discussing her upcoming photo session, making plans, setting a date and getting to know each other. I learn that she’s been married for a couple of years and has a little girl. I ask if she has portraits she loves of herself on her wedding day. She said she didn’t have a photographer at her wedding. Whaaaat? “There are no photos of you in your wedding dress?” 

Nope. None. 

So I ask if she still has her dress, she says that yes, she does. I tell her to bring it on the day of our shoot and we can also take beautiful portraits of her in her dress along with all the other wardrobe changes. (I always allow for plenty of wardrobe changes). Her eyes grow wide and she asks, “I can really do that?” 

Of course you can! 

She thoroughly enjoyed her shoot, getting all the makeup and hair professionally done and getting to wear some beautiful pieces. Feeling papered and gorgeous. I guided and directed her as I do, to get the most flattering angles and poses.

Then she came back for her reveal, all her photos presented on my reveal wall, printed and matted and looking their best. She kept looking at this one photo of her in black and white with her in profile. It’s a bit antique-ee (it’s my jam) and she just keeps going back to it and says it’s her favorite one. She goes on to say that she never liked her profile. I was interested in this… “This is something you’re self-conscious about? Your profile?” She told me that she never liked it, but now sees that there is nothing to be concerned about at all. Don’t we ladies give ourselves the hardest time? Even over things that may not even be real?

I think this experience really transformed her. I find this to be the case with so many of the people I photograph. They come out more confident. More empowered and feeling like, yea, I AM gorgeous, and whole, and complete and totally beautiful. This is what I love to do for people. I love seeing these transformations, where a person can see themselves the way their family and loved ones see them. 

Now Allee has one less thing to worry about. Her profile is perfect. And she now has gorgeous photographs of herself in her wedding dress that she can pass down to her daughter, who can pass them down to her children one day.

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