Mothers and Daughters

I’ve always known that I love to photograph mothers with their daughters, or women with their mothers, or girls with the moms and grand-moms. There is something so beautiful and tender and fierce about women when they are together. But my depth of feeling for these sessions and my commitment to them keeps getting deeper.

I have met two women in the last few months who had lost their mothers. The would be fighting back the tears telling me that they went looking for photos of them only to find nothing. Or a cell phone phots where they are way in the distance. It breaks my heart and I have myself broken down in tears telling people these stories of broken hearts.

This is why I believe so fiercely in being photographed now. Losing weight, being “old”, feeling puffy… these are not good excuses! Do it now. Tomorrow is not promised, and I assure you, your children will thank you for it. Maybe not today, but soon, and I also promise you that they will not look at those photos and think that you needed to lose ten pounds. I guarantee it! Call me or write to me and let’s talk about getting your generations photos done. 

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