Makeup for Boudoir | Darina Neyret Portrait

Every photo shoot experience with Darina Neyret Portrait includes professional makeup application with lashes…and for good reason. A beautifully posed/lit/composed boudoir image can turn out “meh” with a bad makeup job. 

Does that mean when you do your own makeup, you’re doing a bad job!? Nah. Well…maybe…but let’s assume not, just for the sake of keeping it warm and friendly today. ;)

So why do we require professional makeup application for your beauty, glamour or boudoir shoot?

Simply put, because I want the best possible outcome of your experience.  Every day makeup often doesn’t translate on camera the way it looks in person.  Photo shoot makeup is slightly heavier, with a touch more contouring and highlighting to make your skin look amazing and dewy at every angle.  On top of THAT, my makeup artist(s) know my shooting style and how I prefer boudoir makeup to be and they are just the besssssst! A professional makeup artist will take lighting, styling, your comfort level, and your face/feature shape into consideration when planning the perfect makeup look for you. 

Because this experience is so customized to each client’s personal style and personality, we make sure to educate and communicate along the way to ensure we’re all on the same page.  If a client comes in and says “I usually wear a lot of makeup”…that can be translated in about 20 different ways depending on who you ask.  See, technically *I* wear a lot of makeup….but I am almost always in the no-makeup-makeup look. So what looks minimal could be considered “heavy” to some. And what looks really heavy to some, may be way less than you’re used to. 

For all these reasons, photo examples are key! Each of my clients is asked to create a boudoir mood board so we can get a very quick visual on exactly the style each client is drawn to. Pinterest is an amazing tool for this!

I never want the timelessness of your boudoir photos to be compromised by any sort of fad makeup. For this reason, we don’t go crazy on shaping/ombre brows, bold jewel tones on the eyes, or heavy contouring.  I keep the editing/processing of my images very classic and not overdone for the same reason. I don’t want you to look at your photos from 2020 in 2050 and say “Wow. What was I thinking?!”. Keeping neutral colors and classic style makeup for your boudoir session will ensure you never think back to how dated your images are. 

All that said, my absolute FAVORITE boudoir makeup is the “no-makeup makeup” look. So yea, of course it takes just as long to complete this look. It’s still a full face of makeup. There’s loads of steps that go into perfecting the skin from covering blemishes and under eye circles to subtle highlights in all the right places, and still applying a natural false lash to most clients, as lashes tend to get lost in photos. It looks amazing on EVERYONE and adds a REAL element to the finished product. The no-makeup-makeup look really translates well on just about everyone. 

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