I photographed another photographer. Again.

So, let me tell you about Missy Fant. She’s a photographer, music lover and trivia night team member… and works right here in Vancouver, Washington. She has rarely appeared in photos, and if she is in them, she’s in the distance or with her back turned or just hanging out with her dog or her kids… she does not love the idea of being in front of the camera at all. 

It’s such an honor every time anyone entrusts me with their portrait experience, but when that someone happens to be a photographer as well, it’s an extra honor. We often have much higher standards than the typical non-photographer consumer, and we also know a plethora of other camera-wielders and tend to settle for a couple of nice “play shots” from friends here and there.

The photographer who understands the value of a custom designed photography experience and the accompanying photos is a gem and, you know, it’s still eeeeeeeeeshk, they know what they’re doing, and so it’s a little more nerve-wracking, cuz, you know, they are definitely gonna judge me! But Missy is fun and different and a misfit like me, so we had a lot of fun in her “office” (Tap Union Freehouse in downtown Vancouver). 

Thanks Missy for such a great time! For trusting me with your vision of being yourself, beer in hand! I just love this session!

Chack out her work and her website! https://missyfantphotography.com/


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