Come Create With Me


I am jazzed and working on a creative project to keep pushing forward my creativity.

I am working on creating a series of photographs, possibly to be exhibited in a gallery, which explore the subjects’ ethnicity and culture.

This came to me when I attended a workshop a few months ago. I was inspired to look to my past for inspiration, to think of something that may surprise a viewer.

I remembered that I have all these Serbian articles of clothing and leather shoes, all authentic and imagined that I could be photographed with these items and include the things that remind me of being in Serbia as a child. Blue plumbs, cigarettes (lots of cigarettes ew), Turkish coffee, etc. I imagined a fine art, old master sort of approach to creating an evocative scene and a work of beauty including all these things.

The photo shown here in this post is from the shoot I did with a Dutch woman, the fabulous Susan Vandervlugt. No, you can’t see the final photo until they are ALL ready! I also have the wonderful Romanian Irina Negrean lined up. I am so excited!

I am looking for more people from other places. I would love to end up with 10 knockout, classic portraits.

This is America and this is what I believe we are all about. We are from everywhere, and we should celebrate that. We can come here to find a new life, the way my father did, and still cherish our cultures, our past and our traditions while being fiercely American.

Looking for people from different parts of Asia, South Asia, South America, etc. All ages and sizes are welcome! More Europeans would be welcome as well!


Here are the details:

Age requirement: any age

Wardrobe: must have own attire and important props. I will provide anything I can.

Styling: If makeup and hair styling is needed, please be prepared to pay $125

What you get: creative consultation and design meeting, fully guided photo shoot, one 11x14 matted, archival print OR $250 print credit towards a collection of photographs.

Must be available on a weekday morning in January 2019.

Please call me if you are interested! 360-209-4174. Please leave a message! I am often with my fabulous clients and don’t always pick up <3

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